Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Theatre Council 2019-2020

Thanks to all who applied for Theatre Council for the 2019-2020!

Here is the Theatre Council list for the 2019-2020 school year:

President – Sara Holbrook
Vice President – Sydney Trauba
Secretary – Sara Riches
Publicity/Activities – Natalie Hood
Historian – Abram Berry
Financial/Fundraising Chair – Lauren McHenry
Improv Chair – Dylan Thomas
Tech Rep – Sophi Jefferson
Sophomore Rep – Jenna Foulks

Congrats to our new council! I ask that all members of the Alta Theatre Family support their peers in this decision.  If you wish for feedback, please see me after school and I'd be happy to speak with you.  For all new AND old council members, please meet in the Theatre Room at 8:00am SHARP on TUESDAY, May 14th to plan the upcoming banquet.  That afternoon, all NEW members meet at 2:30pm in the theatre room for sweater fittings. Thank you all and we love you (appropriately)! :) 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Backwards Broadway Cast List 2019

Backwards Broadway Cast List

If you are on this final cast list, you must come and get feedback from Triptow and Struiksma THIS week.  Beginning next week, you may sign up with times to work with Triptow or Struiksma to finesse your piece. Please pick up a permission slip from Struiksma on MONDAY the 15th! Thank you!

Master of Ceremonies – TBD
Katie Drennen, Sara Riches, Maya Williams – “ABC CafĂ©”
Alice Scott – “Empty Chairs”
Hannah Cardell and Anna Teichart – “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground”
Abram Berry and Brooklyn Crosby – “A Little Priest”
Sophie Brown, Sydney Trauba, and Olivia Bradley – “You’re Nothing Without Me”
Chloe Barrus, Natalie Hood, and Abbie Ricord – “Sincerely, Me”
Alyx Rees and Addison Horrocks – “Two Player Game”
Alyssa Larsen – “Never Getting’ Rid of Me”
Dylan Schreiber – “Memory”
Theatre IV – “Season of Love”

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Student Directed One-Acts Cast lists

Thank you so much for all who auditioned! You made casting very difficult for all of the directors. There is a mandatory team meeting tomorrow (April 11th) after school from 2:30pm – 2:45pm in the Theatre room. See you then! :)

The Moon Please – Isabelle
Jay: Dylan Thomas
Ciel: Paige Richards 

One Tennis Shoe – Brooklyn & Tairiq
Waiter: Luke Jessop
Sylvia: Sara Holbrook
Harvey: Tyler Frampton

Sorry, Wrong Number – Gracie
Duffy: Abram Berry
Man/Western Union: Logan Troop
George: Seth Allred
Mrs. Stevenson: Sydney Trauba
Operator: Addison Horrocks
Woman: Bree Wasden

Lockdown – Abbey & Emma
Tyler: Dylan Olson
Adam: Dylan Schreiber
Mark: Lucas Olsen
Liz: Natalie Hood
Chelsea: Sara Riches
Sarah: Sophie Brown
Phil: Stokelie Bateman

Sun Dried – Jordan
Young Mary Louise: Ashlyn Richards
Mrs: Hannah Cardall
Charlie/Pop: Karson Fullwood
Mary Louise: Saysia Taylor
Cecil Reeves: Tohri Honarvar

Bomb Art – Stephanie & Millie
Nancy: Abbey Ricord
Girl Scout #1: Alice Scott
Grandma Gretchen: Aurie Ackermann
Jim: Caleb J. Christensen
Sadie: Chloe Barrus
River James: Dean Mohler
Sam: Jenna Foulks
Girl Scout #2: Jessie Selig
Angelo: Lucas Hillstead

Friday, March 29, 2019

Student-Directed One-Acts Director List 2019

I wanted to say a huge congratulations to our seniors who have been chosen to direct a one-act!  I want to take this moment to remind senior that their shows MUST be between 10-12 minutes.  Knowing this, a few of you may need to make cuts, so be prepared to do so in case it is needed. You will be expected to speak with your casts about concept and expectations, as well as provide a copy of the cut script for each cast member at the cast meetings on April 11th at 2:30pm sharp.

To those auditioning, please remember these auditions will take place on Wednesday, April 10th, starting at 2:45pm and will be cast that evening.  You will need a one-minute monologue for these auditions, and if over time, may be cut off.  Additionally, to prepare you may contact any of the seniors chosen to ask about their pieces – I would do your research so you know the types of characters seniors are looking for in their shows.  Thank you and we cannot wait to see auditions! :)

Student-Directed One-Acts 2019

Sun Dried - directed by Jordan Allred
Bomb Art - directed by Millie Wilkinson and Stephanie Triptow 
One Tennis Shoe - directed by Brooklyn Crosby and Tairiq Lupeamanu
Sorry, Wrong Number - directed by Gracie Awerkamp
The Moon Please - directed by Isabelle Siebeneck 
Lockdown - directed by Abbey Hardy and Emma Apsley 

Congrats to all directors!  Please go on Facebook ASAP and write a short blurb about what your piece is about so younger classmen can prepare - be prepared for their questions.  I'll see you on Wednesday RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL to chat before auditions.  Please feel free to bring snacks to share and let's make this a worthwhile and fun experience.  Auditions really are the best... :)