Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Macbeth Cast List

I was so impressed with all of your auditions!  Casting this show was tough!  Thank you all for trying out, and please continue to do so in the future!

Here is the cast list:

Assistant Director: Brooklyn Crosby

Macbeth:  Hayden Phillips
Lady Macbeth: Stephanie Triptow
King Duncan: Lyndsey Kay Nelson
Malcolm: Jordan Allred
Macduff: Nate Brown
Banquo: Isabelle Siebeneck
Lady Macduff: Emma Apsley
1st Witch: Sophie Brown
2nd Witch: Abbey Hardy
3rd Witch: Gwyn Fowler
Ross: Sara Holbrook
Servant: Hailee Mumm
1st Murderer/Seyton: Gracie Awerkamp
2nd Murderer/Messenger: Lindsey Brown
3rd Murderer/1st Apparition: Dylan Thomas
Donalbain/3rd Apparition: Addison Horrocks
Porter: Rachel McHenry
Lennox: Maya Williams
Menteith: Lauren McHenry
Angus: Alyssa Larsen
Captain/Caithness: Lucas Olsen
Fleance: Sara Riches
Siward: Trevor Smith
Young Siward: Caleb Christiansen
Doctor: Sydney Trauba
Son/Apparition: TBD

Sophi Jefferson
Abram Berry
Jorja Smith
Dylan Schreiber

For those who I was unable to cast:  I AM STILL LOOKING FOR DESIGNERS!!!  Please check out the applications a few blog posts back and consider being a designer.  You can email me your application, or bring me a hard copy on January 2nd.  I'd still love to have you be a part of this team.  Cast members can also apply to be designers.

CAST:  Please click on the following link to access the script.  You need to print it and start memorizing IMMEDIATELY.  The first rehearsal is January 2nd, 2018.  I expect you to be memorized.   I'm asking this of you so that we can be ready for stage combat.  Memorization has to be there if you really want to develop your characters fully, play with choices, and use pointy objects. 

Macbeth Script

For those of you with few, or no lines: you will be used a lot throughout the play.  You will be used as ghosts, in battles, and as extras in various scenes.  Be EXCITED!  I am.  Be familiar with the whole script.


1. Print a hard copy of the script
2. Highlight your lines (with an actual highlighter)
3. Translate your lines into normal speak. Spark Notes Macbeth is a great resource for any lines you're really struggling with.  You'll have to dig through it though, because our script is abridged.
4. Say your lines OUT LOUD EVERYDAY. Don't let a day go by that you don't go over your lines, whether you have 2 or 2,000.
5. Have someone help you by reading your cue lines before you say each line.
6. Read over your lines before bed so your brain will process them while you sleep.
7. Give yourself plenty of breaks.  Don't burn yourself out.  Make sure you enjoy your break!  Go laser tagging or something! 

Those of you with lots of lines:  Go over all of them everyday, but focus on one scene at a time with actual memorization work.  Say and practice your lines while moving...walking, running on a treadmill, etc. 

This is going to be a FANTASTIC CAST!  Please be excited and supportive of each other, but remember to be careful not to rub it into the faces of those who may be disappointed they didn't make it.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Macbeth Callback List

Here is the callback list for Macbeth:

Macbeth/L Macbeth:
Stephanie Triptow
Isabelle Siebeneck
Jordan Allred
Hayden Phillips
Emma Apsley
Sara Holbrook

Hayden Phillips
Jordan Allred
Nate Brown

Abbey Hardy
Sophie Brown
Lyndsey Nelson
Sara Riches
Lauren McHenry
Sydney Trauba

I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:30 am!  Callbacks will begin promptly at 7:45!!!!!  Please look at the sides (scripts) in the blog post before this so that you can be prepared to read at the callback.   

I would encourage everyone called back to look at the Macduff slide.  A lot of you will be asked to read for Ross and Malcolm. 

REMEMBER:  just because you were not called back, does not mean you will not be cast.  Please check the blog again on Tuesday at 5:00 pm to see the final cast list.

Macbeth Callback Scripts

Macbeth/Lady Macbeth Script

Macduff Script

Witch Script