Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014-2015 Region and State Competition Team

Hey everyone!
Thanks for auditioning for the 2014-2015 Region and State Competition Team. You'll see the final list below. Some of you we have figured out what piece we think we'd like you to do. Others... We will solidify the individual pieces, scenes, and partners by this weekend. :) Congrats to all who auditioned- we had an amazing amount of auditionees this year!

Musical Theatre:
Ryan Lambert (Piece will be assigned)
Elisha Garrett (Piece will be assigned)
Katie Cheney (Piece to be assigned)
Addy Wray and Mike Hodson - "Nice" from Lucky Stiff

Kylan Goodwin and Maddisson Lewis
Heather Bodine and Lyndsey Nelson
Rachel Megli and Annie Cox
Eliza Hale and Emma Hale

Dramatic Monologues: 
Janie DeFriez (TBD)
Charlene Wilde (TBD)
Cole Orr (TBD)
Cassie White (TBD)

Humorous Monolouge: 
Noah Martinez (TBD)
Patrick Rideout (TBD)
Kiersten Zundel (TBD)
Ben Becarevic (TBD)

Erik Affleck, Alli Case, Tim Carpenter - Scene from Libation Bearers
Melissa Salomonson and Hannah Duncan - Scene from Bad Seed

(Thise listed below, you will be assigned a partner and a scene by mid next week)
Juliana Wosepka, Alexis Reynolds, Cheyenne Uhler, Bryce Jack, Brooke Walton, Emma Smith, Michaelann Acord, Trystyn Roberts, Isabella Tea, Preston Barbour, Emilee Stewart, and Megan Acker