Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Giver Cast List

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for auditioning for Alta's production of The Giver.  After auditions concluded, we determined that we would not be in the need of callbacks for the show.  Thus, the final cast list is posted below.  If in the final cast list below, please be sure to stop by Miss Struiksma's classroom to pick up your script by Thursday.  You are expected to be fully memorized when you return from Christmas break.  Thank you to all who auditioned!

Assistant Director…Elizabeth Mathis
The Giver….Charlene Wilde
Jonas….Patrick Rideout
Dad…. McKay Nicoll
Mom…Madelyn Oveson
Lily…. Janie DeFriez
Rosemary…. Lindsey Case
Fiona…. Hannah Thomas
Asher…Trystyn Roberts
Chief Executive….Kiersten Zundel
Announcer…Kirsten Manley
Ensemble… Noah Martinez, Bryce Jack, Emma Smith, Michaelann Acord, Hailey Saddler, Ally Case, Ryan Lambert, Kate Menlove, Alexis Reynolds, Mike Hodson, Cole Orr, Jacob Crosby, Megan Acker

Friday, September 20, 2013

Peter Pan Final Cast List

We want to say thank you to all who auditioned. Auditioning takes A LOT of courage! Regardless of whether or not you made the cast, we hope that you are proud of yourself for giving it a try. We saw so much talent and are grateful to work with so many incredible students!

Below is the cast list. Please look for your name in all categories, as some of you will be playing more than one part. Our first rehearsal will be on October 8th at 3 p.m. in the choir room. We look forward to seeing you there!

Peter Pan Cast List:

Dance Captains…..Rachel Nash and Lauren Handy
Student Director…  Kiersten Zundel
Peter….. Alta Huff
Wendy…. Lindsey Case
Hook/Mr. Darling….McKay Nicoll
Mrs. Darling…. Kiersten Zundel
Tiger Lilly…. Elise Winter
Michael…. Ryan Lambert
John…. Eirik Affleck
Crocodile - Sam Martinez
Nana – Bailey Cragun
Jane (Wendy’s Daughter)…. Hailey Saddler
Liza (The maid)…. Charlene Wilde
Beginning Voice Over/Storyteller…. Victoria Bell

Smee…. Noah Martinez
Noodler….. Kate Menlove
Starkey… Patrick Rideout
Cecco….Kirsten Manley
Jukes…. Jacob Crosby
Turk… Emily Coleman

Pirate Ensemble:
Bayleigh Cragun
Lauren Delahunty
Janie DeFriez
Victoria Bell
Kailee Ekenstam
Cassandra Chappell
Amanda Munford
Sierra Moosman
Charlene Wilde
Bayleigh Cragun
Stephen Behunin
Sam Martinez
Lopeti Maile
Amber Hlavacek
Kaitlyn Larsen
Alli Case
Emma Smith
Hannah Thomas
Cheyenne Uhler
Mike Harris
Lauren Handy

Lost Boys:
Tootles…. Elizabeth Mathis
Slightly….. Trystyn Roberts
Twins….. Mike Hodson and Cole Orr
Curly… Melissa Salomonson

Lost Boys Ensemble:
Hailey Saddler
Katie Delahunty
Alecia Epeneter
Laura Paulsen
Jordan Morey
Kylan Goodwin
Bryce Jack
Brandon Reese
Haley Popish

Karissa Schmid
Elisha Garrett
Julia Clifford
Abby Lunt
Madelyn Oveson

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peter Pan Call Back List

Thank you to all who auditioned. We would like to see the following individuals at callbacks. Callbacks will begin promptly at 2:45 in the choir room tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 20th). Audition materials will be available on the call board tomorrow morning.

Please know that we are not calling back for all roles. Please check back on Saturday morning for the full cast list.

Zizi Zundel Jr.
Lindsey Case
Emily Coleman
Madelyn Oveson
Elizabeth Mathis
Lauren Handy
Alta Huff

Zizi Zundel
Lindsey Case
Kate Menlove
Alta Huff
Elizabeth Mathis

Captain Hook:
Noah Martinez
McKay Nicoll
Cole Orr
Patrick Rideout 

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Presidency 2013-2014

Here is the 2013-2014 Drama Club Presidency:
President: Elizabeth Mathis
Vice President: Lindsey Case
Secretary: Kiersten Zundel
Historian: Melissa Salomonson
Publicity: Colton Orr
Activities: Charlene Wilde
Tech Rep: Jourdyn Grande

Congrats to our new presidency! I ask that all members of Alta Theatre support their peers in this decision. Thank you to all who applied. Ya'll are awesome!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Region Theatre Team

Hey all! Thanks for auditioning. You'll see the list below. Some of you we have figured out where to place, while we are still trying to place others. If you do not see you name on the list below, that does not necessarily mean you did not make the team... we are still considering you for some pieces. We will solidify the team list by this weekend.

Musical Theatre:
Mackenzie Tolk (Piece will be assigned)
Cassidy Cook (Piece will be assigned)

Janie and Amber (The Past and Possibilities)
Sam and Ryan Lambert (The Unexpected)
Cole and Hailey Sadler (A Date to Remember)
Kailee Ekenstam (To be assigned)

Dramatic Monologues:
Bayleigh Cragun (To be assigned)
Ryan Short (Widows and Children)
Lindsey Case (To be assigned)
Charlene Wilde (To be assigned)

Humorous Monolouge:
Ally Thomas (Things We Want)
Jeff Saville (The one you did in Theatre 2 class)
Kiersten Manley (Blithe Sprit)
#4 Slot - TBD

Scenes: (You will be assigned a partner and a scene by the end of the week)
Cassidy F.
Courtney L.
Elizabeth M.
-Some slots still TBD

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To See The Stars

Hey Theatre 4 Students. There are still some roles that I need a few more hours to think about. I will post a cast list sometime tomorrow on the call board. Have a nice evening!