Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Alta Shakespeare Team 2017

Ensemble Scene "BE":


*Isabelle Siebeneck

Ensemble (Inner Demons):

*Abby Hardy
*Addison Horrocks
*Aurie Ackermann
*Emma Apsley
*Gracie Awerkamp
*Gwyn Fowler
*Hayden Phillips
*Heather Bodine
*Jackson Rasmussen
*Jaycee Chenoweth
*Jordan Allred
*Kate Davis
*Kirby Balding
*Lindsey Brown
*Lyndsey Kay Nelson
*Maya Williams
*McKenna Armstrong
*Sara Holbrook
*Sara Riches
*Sophie Brown
*Stephanie Triptow
*Sydney Trauba
*Treva Taylor



*Emma Apsley
*Hayden Phillips
*Heather Bodine
*Isabelle Siebeneck
*Sophie Brown
*Stephanie Triptow


*McKenna Armstrong and Sara Holbrook
*Lyndsey Kay Nelson and Kate Davis
*Kirby Balding and Gwyn Fowler
*Addison Horrocks and Gracie Awkerkamp
*Jordan Allred and Abby Hardy

First rehearsal is tomorrow (Wednesday August 30th) at 2:45 in the theatre room!!!!  See you there!

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO AUDITIONED!!!! I was so impressed with all your hard work.  Please keep auditioning!  Try-outs for The Wizard of Oz are next week and we hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Far Away Clean-up! Help Needed!

Hey everyone! 

We are gearing up for the new school year and upcoming shows. As excited as we are, we've recognized we're in need of your help. If you can come help with our Far Away reorganization process we need TONS of hands on the 18th! We will start out there around 9:00am and go through the afternoon. I will provide some breakfast (bagels, muffins, juice) and lunch (pizza or sandwiches) for everyone who comes! You will also receive 20 extra credit points at the beginning of the year to make up an absence in any theatre class! If you bring a friend, you can also get an Alta Theatre water bottle or lanyard for free! 

Tag and invite people on the Facebook event page and let us know if you're coming- It would mean a lot to me and Ms. Barker, as well as The Wizard!