Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Giver Cast List

Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for auditioning for Alta's production of The Giver.  After auditions concluded, we determined that we would not be in the need of callbacks for the show.  Thus, the final cast list is posted below.  If in the final cast list below, please be sure to stop by Miss Struiksma's classroom to pick up your script by Thursday.  You are expected to be fully memorized when you return from Christmas break.  Thank you to all who auditioned!

Assistant Director…Elizabeth Mathis
The Giver….Charlene Wilde
Jonas….Patrick Rideout
Dad…. McKay Nicoll
Mom…Madelyn Oveson
Lily…. Janie DeFriez
Rosemary…. Lindsey Case
Fiona…. Hannah Thomas
Asher…Trystyn Roberts
Chief Executive….Kiersten Zundel
Announcer…Kirsten Manley
Ensemble… Noah Martinez, Bryce Jack, Emma Smith, Michaelann Acord, Hailey Saddler, Ally Case, Ryan Lambert, Kate Menlove, Alexis Reynolds, Mike Hodson, Cole Orr, Jacob Crosby, Megan Acker