Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Region & State Team 2017!

Thank you to all who auditioned for this year’s Region & State Team!  We had SO many amazing actors audition and this decision has been tough.  If your name is listed below, please see Ms. Struiksma for your piece or to discuss your piece.  Additionally, there will be a 20 minute MANDATORY meeting for the ENTIRE team on Wednesday, January 4th from 2:35-2:55pm.  Thank you and have a fabulous restful break so you can come back and give it all you’ve got! J

Musical Theatre

Ben Houseman (Dr. Craven) & Christian Affleck (Archibald) – “Lilly’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden
Addie Wray & Kristen Fairbourn – “In His Eyes” from Jekyll & Hyde
Max Carter & Abram Berry – See Ms. Struiksma ASAP!
Heather Bodine – “Used to Be Mine” from Waitress

Pantomime (Pieces to be determined/created by teams!)

Sara Holbrook & Sophie Brown
Gwynn Fowler & Lucas Olsen
Kenedy Connelly & Lauren McHenry
Katelyn Davis & Ashleigh Irvine

Dramatic Monologues (Pieces TBD)

Emma Smith
Cassie White
Cheyenne Uhler
Emilee Stewart

Humorous Monologues (Pieces TBD)

McKenna Armstrong
Michaelann Acord
Kylan Goodwin
Alisha Yockey – same as audition!

Classical Scenes

Nate Roberson, Hailee Mumm, and Jordan Allred – Tartuffe (Act IV – collective scenes)

Other partnerships and pieces TBD: Annie Cox, Zoe Bradley, Lyndsey Nelson, Rachel McHenry, Emma Aspley, Gracie Awerkamp

Contemporary Scenes

Isabelle Siebeneck & Eliza Hale – Final Placement scene
Hayden Phillips, Bree Howlett, and Abbey Hardy – Blithe Spirit scene
Bryce Jack(Elliot), Brooklyn Crosby(Annie), and Noah Brock(Donald) – Apartment 3A scene

Anna Roller & Madi Lewis – Between Daylight and Boonville scene 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Region and State Delay

To all who auditioned for the Region and State Team 2017:

Thank you! We had SO many amazingly talented actors audition.  We apologize for the delay, however, in order to create the most competitive team, we will need two days to read through more scenes and decide who is going where for team.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we want to create the best experience for you all! Thank you and please check the call board and blog again on Wednesday.  J

P.S. Merry Christmas week! J

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Crucible Final Cast List

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to audition for The Crucible!  Remember, Region and State’s final list will be posted on Monday morning.  If you are on the final casting list for The Crucible, please meet in the Theatre Room on Monday, December 19th at 2:30pm for a quick 15 minute meeting and picture moment.  Thank you and again, thank you to all who auditioned! 

Assistant Director - Cheyenne Uhler
Creative/Artistic Designer - Ashleigh Irvine 

John Proctor - Kylan Goodwin 
Abigail Williams - Michaelann Acord
Reverend John Hale - Bryce Jack
Elizabeth Proctor - Cassie White
Reverend Parris - Hayden Phillips
Rebecca Nurse - Emma Smith
Francis Nurse - Kirby Balding
Judge Danforth - Nate Roberson 
Giles Corey - Jordan Allred
Thomas Putnam - Noah Brock 
Ann Putnam - Addie Wray
Ruth Putnam - Isabelle Siebeneck 
Tituba - Jezory Munoz
Mary Warrren - Emilee Stewart 
Betty Parris - Sophie Brown 
Martha Corey - Lyndsey Nelson 
Ezekiel Cheever - Zach Irvine 
Judge Hathorne - Jaren Sierer 
Herrick/Willard - Lucas Olsen 
Mercy Lewis - Heather Bodine 
Susanna Walcott - Abbey Hardy
Sarah Good - Lauren McHenry 
Hopkins - Abram Berry 
Townspeople - Sara Holbrook, Katelyn Davis, Katie Drennan, Bree Howlett, Noelle Lind

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Crucible Callbacks List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned today for The Crucible and Region/State Team!  We had more audition than ever before for the Spring Show and Competition Team, and it has made me SO excited about how our department is growing.  For those wondering about Region & State Team, that list will be posted on Monday morning.  The Crucible call-back list is posted below.  Callbacks will start promptly at 2:35pm in the Theatre Room tomorrow, December 16th.  Please be there and ready to get going!  CALLBACKS WILL BE OPEN THIS YEAR, meaning, anyone can come and sit in on callbacks to watch the process, as long as you are quiet and respectful.  Congrats to all who auditioned and those advancing to callbacks - if you are NOT on this list it does NOT mean you are not cast.  Look for the final cast list tomorrow evening.  See you tomorrow! 

I am pleased to announce, Cheyenne Uhler has accepted a spot as my Assistant Director!  Therefore, she will be sitting though the casting process with Ms. Barker and myself.  


Elizabeth Proctor:

Addie Wray
Emma Smith
Emilee Stewart
Heather Bodine 

Abigail Williams:

Cassie White
Emma Smith
Heather Bodine
Isabelle Siebeneck
Michaelann Acord

Mary Warren:

Abbey Hardy
Cassie White
Isabelle Siebeneck
Jezory Munoz
Lauren McHenry
Lyndsey Nelson 


All names listed should be prepared to read for John Proctor, Reverend Hale/Parris, Judge Danforth, and/or Giles Corey - you may read for one, some, or all of these, so just be flexible and prepared: 

Bryce Jack
Chandler Beers
Hayden Phillips 
Jordan Allred
Kylan Goodwin
Nate Roberson
Noah Brock