Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Shakespeare Final Cast List 2018

Thank you to everybody for being such a great team! This is the role list for the ensemble scene and for the IE’s. We sadly cannot take all the IE’s to the competition; however, all pieces will be performing at night of Shakespeare. Thank you all for being as great as you are!! #wearetheteam #investinothers

Brutus – Kirby Balding
Antony– Sara Holbrook
Portia – Aurie Ackermann
Caesar – Gwyn Fowler
Casca  – Jordan Allred
Cassius– Isabelle Siebeneck
Romans – Emma Apsley, Gracie Awerkamp, PJ Brown, Hannah Cardall, Ethan Chenoweth, Jaycee Chenoweth, Brooklyn Crosby, Abbey Hardy, Addison Horrocks, Eliza Johnson, Charlotte May, Sara Riches, Morgan Schwendiman, Dylan Schreiber, Trevor Smith, Sydney Trauba, Stephanie Triptow, Maya Williams


Stephanie Triptow, Richard the 2nd
Isabelle Siebeneck, Cymbeline
Sara Holbrook, Titus Andronicus
Gwyn Fowler, King John
Trevor Smith, Merry Wives of Windsor

Sydney Trauba and Emma Apsley, Merry Wives of Windsor
Gracie Awerkamp and Aurie Ackermann, King John
Abbey Hardy and Maya Williams, Othello
Brooklyn Crosby and Charlotte May, As you Like it

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Shakespeare Team 2018!

A huge thank you to all who auditioned for this year's Shakespeare Team! We had an amazing turn-out and I am so proud of how many of you have shown so much growth in the past year. Please take a look below to see if your name is on the final cast list for our Shakespeare. If so, you need to be in the Theatre Room TOMORROW (August 29th) at 2:45pm for a team callbacks session!

Ensemble Scene – Specific parts and IEs to be assigned tomorrow!
Aurie Ackerman
Jordan Allred
Emma Apsley
Gracie Awerkamp
Kirby Balding
Jordan (PJ) Brown
Hannah Cardall
Ethan Chenoweth
Jaycee Chenoweth
Brooklyn Crosby
Gwyn Fowler
Abbey Hardy
Sara Holbrook
Addison Horrocks
Eliza Johnson
Charlotte May
Sara Riches
Dylan Schreiber
Morgan Schwendiman
Isabelle Siebeneck
Trevor Smith
Sydney Trauba
Stephanie Triptow
Maya Williams

Thank you again and congrats to our 2018 Shakespeare Competition Team! See you tomorrow at 2:45pm! :)  Some of you will be here until 5pm and some will be dismissed early.  Thank you!

*** MANDATORY Parent Meeting is on the 12th of September!