Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Succeed... Final Cast List

A big THANK YOU to all who auditioned for our Alta's Fall Musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! Auditioning takes A LOT of courage! Regardless of whether or not you made the cast, we hope that you are proud of yourself for giving it a try. We saw so much talent and are grateful to work with so many incredible students!

 Below is the final cast list.  If you are part of our final cast, please be in the Theatre Room promptly at 2:45pm on Tuesday, September 9th.

"How to Succeed" Cast List
Assistant Director - Alli Case
J. Pierrepont Finch - Noah Martinez
Bud Frump - Colton Orr
Hedy LaRue - Michaelann Acord
Miss Jones - Charlene Wilde
J.B. Biggley - Patrick Rideout
Mr. Twimble - Trystyn Roberts
Rosemary Pilkington - Elisha Garrett
Smitty - Kiersten Zundel
Miss Krumholtz - Melissa Salomonson
Wally Womper - Mike Hodson
Gatch - Ryan Lambert
Bratt/Book Voice - Eirik Affleck
Ovington  - Sam Martinez
Jenkins - Kylan Goodwin
Tackberry - Bryce Jack
Matthews - Tim Carpenter
Johnson/Peterson - Branden Dibble
Dance Captain - Ryan Lambert

Secretary Ensemble (Additional Speaking roles to be assigned at rehearsal): Emily Marnick, McKenna Armstrong, Alecia Epeneter, Emma Smith, Karissa Schmid, Annie Cox, Kristen Fairbourn, Heather Bodine, Janie DeFriez, Cheyenne Uhler, Kennadi Roberts, Addie Wray, Jayden Ayres, Brooke Walton, Megan Acker

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Succeed... Callbacks!

Thank you to all who have auditioned for this year's musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!  Below is the callback list.  If you are not on the callback list it DOES NOT mean you have not received a spot on the final cast list!  If you are on the callback list, please be in the choir room for callback auditions promptly at 2:45pm on Friday, September 6th.

Elisha Garrett
Kiersten Zundel
Melissa Salomonson

Michaelann Acord
Karissa Schmid
Kiersten Zundel
Kara Atkisson

Ms. Jones:
Charlene Wilde
Elisha Garrett

Kiersten Zundel
Kara Atkisson
Karissa Schmid

Noah Martinez
Colton Orr
Patrick Rideout

Mike Hodson
Eirik Affleck
Ryan Lambert
Colton Orr

Mr. Biggley:
Trystyn Roberts
Patrick Rideout

Mr. Twimble:
Mike Hodson
Sam Martinez
Trystyn Roberts