Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Drama Club Presidency 2017-2018

Thanks to all who applied for Drama Club Presidency for the 2017-2018!

Here is the Drama Club Presidency list for the 2017-2018 school year:

President – Heather Bodine
Vice President – Lyndsey Nelson 
Secretary – Brooklyn Crosby  
Publicity/Activities – McKenna Armstrong
Historian – Addie Wray  
Financial /Fundraising Chair – Isabelle Siebeneck
Improv Chair – Jaren Sierer
Tech Rep – Hayden Phillips 
Sophomore Rep – Sara Holbrook  

Congrats to our new presidency! I ask that all members of the Alta Theatre Family support their peers in this decision.  If you wish for feedback, please see me after school and I'd be happy to speak with you.  For all new and old presidency members, please meet in the Theatre Room at 2:30pm Friday, May 12th to plan the upcoming banquet.  Thank you all and we love you (appropriately)! :) 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shipoopi song

Here is the Shipoopi track to practice with.  Unfortunately, the video file is too large to upload onto the blog.  If you'd like a copy of it, come see me with a USB drive.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Performance Based Classes 2017-2018

Congrats to all who auditioned and/or applied for our performance-based classes this year!  Here is a list of Theatre 3, Theatre 4, and Stage Tech for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you would like to discuss anything with Miss Struiksma about this list, please do so before May 1st.  Thank you! :) 

Theatre 3
Gracie Awerkamp
David Olsen
Annalisa Fenlaw
Abbey Hardy
Liz Harrison 
Bree Howlett
Ashleigh Irvine 
Tairiq Lupeamanu
Rachael McHenry
Thomas Mcnulty 
Josh Mickelson 
Calli Robinson
Millie Wilkinson 
Jordan Allred
Emma Aspley
Lindsey Brown
Max Carter
Jaycee Chenoweth 
Sadi Christensen 
Kenedy Connelly
Brooklyn Crosby
Jenalyn Jenkins
Eli Nielsen
Ali Norris
Sydney Robinson
Parker Sackewitz
Isabelle Siebeneck 
Ashley Tomlinson
Turasi Williams 

Theatre 4
McKenna Armstrong 
Chandler Beers
Heather Bodine
Zoe Bradley
Noah Brock
Annie Cox
Eliza Hale
Hannah Henderson
Madi Lewis
Hailee Mumm
Lyndsey Nelson
Hayden Phillips
Anna Roller
Jaren Sierer
Addie Wray 

Stage Technology 2017-2018
Isabelle Siebeneck
Maddie Harris
Avery Webster
Emma Young
Madyson Watson
MaKenzie Watson
Sadie Delahunty
Caroline Wolf
Hayden Phillips
Hailee Mumm
Kirby Balding
Sydney Robinson
Kylyn Reilly
Suzanne Clark
Gwendolyn Thompson 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Student-Directed One-Acts 2017 Cast List

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to audition for the student-directed one-acts for Spring 2017! We had such great talent and dedication - I hope you all continue to audition in the future! To all who are in the final casts, please know there IS a meeting for ALL cast members of ALL casts on Friday, April 14th from 2:30-2:45pm in the Theatre Room. Please be present and prompt. Below are the final casts and directors - specific parts and calendars will be distributed at that Friday afternoon meeting. Thank you!

Alfonso - directed by Jezory Munoz and Taylor Schwendiman 
Ashleigh Irvine
Aurie Ackerman
Hailee Mumm
Nate Roberson
Sophie Brown
Kristen Fairbourn

Bloody Mary – Kylan Goodwin
Addie Wray
Ashley Tomlinson
Kirby Balding
Rachel McHenry

Cindy and Julie - directed by Bryce Jack 
Alice Scott
Brooklyn Crosby
Kate Davis

Half a Stick of Gum - directed by Connor O' Hagan and Michaelann Acord
Connor O’ Hagan
Emma Aspley
Gwynn Fowler
Jordan Allred

I Never Saw Another Butterfly - directed by Cassie White 
Abram Berry
Hannah Stark
Isabelle Siebeneck
Jaren Sierer
Kenna Armstrong
Lauren McHenry
Olivia Bradley

Turning the Head - directed by Cheyenne Uhler and Emma Smith 
Gracie Awerkamp
Lyndsey Nelson
Josh Mickelson
Sydney Trauba

Zoey Bradley 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Student-Directed One-Acts 2017

I wanted to say a huge congratulations to our seniors who have been chosen to direct a one-act!  I want to take this moment to remind senior that their shows MUST be between 10-12 minutes.  Knowing this, MANY of you need to make cuts.  I expect those cuts to be completed and handed into to me by April 21st - NO exceptions.  You will be expected to speak with your casts about concept and expectations, as well as provide a copy of the cut script for each cast member on the first day of rehearsals.

To those auditioning, please remember these auditions will take place on Tuesday, April 11th, starting at 2:45pm and will be cast that evening.  You will need a one-minute monologue for these auditions, and if over time, may be cut off.  Additionally, to prepare you may contact any of the seniors chosen to ask about their pieces.  Thank you and can not wait to see auditions! :)

Stundet-Directed One-Acts 2017

Alfonso - directed by Jezory Munoz and Taylor Schwendiman 
Bloody Mary - directed by Kylan Goodwin 
Cindy and Julie - directed by Bryce Jack 
Half a Stick of Gum - directed by Connor O' Hagan and Michaelann Acord
I Never Saw Another Butterfly - directed by Cassie White 
Turning the Head  - directed by Cheyenne Uhler and Emma Smith 

Congrats to all directors!  I'll see you on Tuesday RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL to chat before auditions.  Please feel free to bring snacks to share and let's make this a worthwhile and fun experience.  Auditions really are the best... :)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Backwords Broadway 2017

Thank you to all those auditioned for Backwords Broadway night!  I appreciate the time and energy you put into preparing for your auditions.  Here are those who we would like to perform on the evening of April 28th, 2017.

Addie Wray
Anna Roller
Ashley Tomlinson
Brooklyn Crosby
Kristen Fairbourn and Ben Houseman 
Heather Bodine
Nate Roberson/Cheyenne Uhler (see Struiksma) 
Abram Berry and Lauren McHenry

Thank you!  We will have a short, "touch-base" meeting on Wednesday, April 12th, directly after school @2:30pm in the Theatre room.  Thank you! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Crucible Notes – 2 February, 2017

The Crucible notes from today's rehearsal are posted below in case anyone did not have access to Facebook.  Thank you for your hard work! :)  Also, shout-out to Cheyenne for separating it all out and typing it up so beautifully - you're sincerely an incredible AD!

The Crucible Notes – 2 February 2017
Act 1 Scene 1
  • How would you actually tell someone to get out?
  • When you tell Abagail to sit, why did you move the chair you sit in and not use it?
  • Make sure your body language matches your lines.
  • “Where is my wood” – throughout that entire section when you are yelling at Proctor, you are insulting him, NOT complaining, make sure it sounds like an insult. 
  • Vary your tactics
  • In the end, (when Tituba is in the chair) your overlapping was good, but you can’t overlap so much that Tituba doesn’t even had time to answer. 
  • Great posture!! Thank you!!
  • Looking at Parris when he exits is really nice. 
  • When you say “I saw Indians smash my dear parents heads.” You are using your higher register and you can’t on that line. It needs to be lower and a bit more malicious. 
  • After Kylan enters, your beats and switches need to be more clear (around “Oh john give me a word”) 
  • Stay honest
  • Good reactions and staying in character! (: 
  • “That frog jumped in there” that needs to be more of a realization.
  • Be even more comforting when Ann is talking about her “Dead babies” you started to, now just make it bigger. 
  • Don’t move awkwardly around the chair with Addie, move with confidence. 
  • Good looking at Hale’s books after he sets them on the dresser.
  • Looking after Parris when he leaves was really nice!
  • Make your beats when you’re alone with Michaelann more clear.
  • React more to Betty, when she freaks out.
  • You can’t leave until Giles is completely finished with his line. “No – no John, I think not. I have some few queer questions.” You have a line after that. 
  • Cheat out!!
  • Slow down your lines, you are talking to fast. 
  • Don’t stand in front of people
  • Have reactions
  • Don’t move awkwardly around the chair with Noah, move with confidence.
  • Slow down your lines a bit, we can’t understand you when you go fast. 
  • Good looking at Hale’s books when he puts them on the dresser.
  • Isn’t Ann supposed to get Tituba?
  • Slow down your lines! (Especially “I fear it”)
  • Watch your body language, you have a tendency to straighten up and go back and forth between straight and old.
  • Don’t stand in the wing, we can see you. 
  • Isn’t Ann supposed to get Tituba?
  • You can’t wear socks
  • You have to have diction when you’re screaming, we can’t understand you at all.
Everyone in that scene:
  • Pacing 
  • Males – Don’t open your legs so wide when you’re sitting, it isn’t time period
  • If you are old, you HAVE TO SLOW YOUR LINES

Act 1 Scene 2
  • “Raise her chin like a prince” that whole line was to strong. 
  • Going to the stairs to leave was a great choice, thank you for making him make you stay
  • Be honest with double lines
  • Don’t use cry voice
  • You had a weird cross – you can’t sit before Kylan tells you too. 
  • Beautiful word endowment
  • Nice reaction to “Rebecca’s Charged”
  • Nice overlapping
  • Make sure your lines with Mary aren’t to strong.
  • Are you trying? Where are you, and where are you not? Clear switches.
  • “What see you?” double line was great!!
  • Don’t yell too much
  • Good job with double lines today
  • “I follow the notion” needs to be to Cassie
  • Nice “Christian house”
  • Quicker entrance
  • More tactics needed
  • Variance on your lines
  • Why ask things!
  • Word endowment was better in the second half
  • Good reaction
  • Diction
  • Good reactions when you first come in
  • Start your line as soon as Kylan dismisses Kirby “Leave me Francis leave me”
  • Diction
  • Clarify “Man are you blind” with Struiks
  • Nice strength and fade with your body movements
  • Good reactions
  • Have honesty with double lines
  • Beats are nice in the first half
Act 2 Scene 1
  • Come further in before you start
  • Thank you for grabbing the lantern before leaving
  • You have to BITE your words when you go high
  • Good connection to Kylan
  • Have more tension
  • Good pushing her away
  • Have more tension
Act 2 Scene 2
  • Cheat out/diction
  • Good pacing in the first part
  • Don’t anticipate people cutting you off
  • “Pray you sir” nice (:
  • Anytime you ask a question, you have to leave a beat for others to react
  • Know your cutoffs 
  • Don’t sway
  • Good job slowing down your lines!(:
  • Good reactions
  • Good change with “No sir”s they were nice
  • When you say “Mr. Proctor” to Abagail, you need to have more nervousness in your voice for that to make sense.
  • Genuinely add pauses
  • When Kylan grabs you don’t be too distracting
  • Go over the lines when the girls repeat you 
  • Stand with convection and purpose
  • Keep reacting, but don’t be to shifty when you’re sitting on the bench
  • Know your cutoffs 
  • More denying when you say you “didn’t see anyone naked”
  • Don’t be so bouncy when you walk in
  • Great walk away when accused of being wrong
  • Don’t squeak when you go high
  • Posture when you’re sitting 
  • Have reactions when you’re sitting to “Goody Proctor always kept poppets”
  • Don’t be distracting when grabbing Emilee in the courtroom 
  • Don’t yell so much
  • Need much more reaction when Danforth says “Her neck will break for it” 
  • Practice repeating with Emilee and Nate
  • Better screaming picture thank you!!! (:
  • Good grabbing Emilee
  • Don’t use “cry voice” 
  • Projection
  • Dovetail
  • Pacing – repeating section
  • More reactions to “God is dead” (Especially the Reverends)
Act 2 Scene 3
  • Projection
  • Projection and Diction
  • Let Abram grab your arms don’t put them out for him
  • Watch your body language
  • If you’re going to talk to the window do it confidently 
  • If you stand on “No more” (to cut off Bryce and Jaren) make it purposeful and don’t awkwardly walk back to the stool
  • Good grabbing Cassie “Are you stone?”
  • Good tension with Bryce “Andover” section
  • Cheat out
  • Vary tactics (tender, loving)
  • Pacing when you’re on the bench with Kylan 
  • “I have no learning for it” (:
  • Good tension with Nate “Andover” section
  • Good counter
  • Pacing with Cassie when you’re on the bench
  • Don’t awkwardly walk slowly to the bench just sit down
  • More tactics throughout the “this is my name” section
  • Exit quicker
  • Good slow lines
  • Good staying engaged 
  • You have to rush after Proctor (don’t run)
  • “Proctor Proctor” needs to be different
  • Make Tituba and Sara’s exit bigger
  • If someone is supposed to cut you off just keep talking until they cut you off 
  • Watch your body language when your arms are by your side (make sure you have tension in your body)
  • Guide Proctor to the bench to sign the paper
  • When Kylan tears the paper everyone needs to react more it was too casual 
  • Pacing
  • Abram and Emma, good timing with exit
  • Proctor needs to exit quicker
  • Listen to people
Things that need to be clarified 
  • Fix MA and Heather “beat Betty” moment 
  • Fix Betty’s screaming moment
  • Fix right before Tituba enters and up to when she is sitting 
  • Abrams entrance in the courtroom scene 
  • “Chill and shadow” section right before girls start repeating Mary 
  • Pick line when Kylan and MA look at each other when Elizabeth is in the courtroom
  • Cassie’s exit
  • Entrance with Cassie and Abram in the jail