Friday, May 15, 2009

'09-'10 Drama Club Presidency

I'd like to thank everyone who applied for and interviewed for positions in next year's presidency. You are all very talented individuals, and I hope that you are proud of your accomplishments, talents, and creativity!  Below is the list of the presidency.  Please know that I've selected the presidency based upon eligibility, answers to essay questions, answers while interviewing, teacher evaluations, G.P.A.s, and the behaviors that I've observed during this school year.  

I hope that even if you were not chosen to be in the presidency this year, you will continue to uplift and help the drama department by being a good example and supporting our new presidency.  I am very proud of each and everyone of you.  I feel privileged to work with such an extraordinary group of students and appreciate all of the things that you each do for the theatre department!

'09-'10 Presidency:

President: Alex Saxton
Vice President: Taryn Politis
Secretary: Emily Sciammarella
Activities: Linda Peterson, Lexi Horn, Emilie Woodhead
Publicity: Jake Marquez, Kaitlyn McDonald, Kenzie Vawdrey
Historian: Amanda Maylett
Tech Rep: Alex Dahmen, Madison Raymer, Chris Leininger