Monday, April 30, 2018

Performance-Based Classes 2018-2019

Congrats to all who have made it into our advanced classes for the 2018=2019 school year!  Please let Miss Struiksma know if you are not planning on doing on of these classes.  If you have any questions about the classes, please let her know.  Excited to have you all next year!

Theatre 3
Gwyn Fowler
Aurie Ackerman
Abram Berry
Lauren McHenry
Lucas Olsen
Sadie Delahunty
Tyler Frampton
Emma Egbert
Peighton Kimball
Kate Davis
Zoe Hohenshelt
Katie Drennen
Ryan Rider
Kirby Blading
Olivia Bradley
Sara Holbrook
Sophie Brown
Alyssa Larsen
Sydney Trauba
Maya Williams
Brittin Smith
Jordan Brown
Charlotte May
Jake Clifford

Theatre 4
Jordan Allred
Emma Apsley
Gracie Awerkamp
Lindsey Brown
Jaycee Chenoweth
Kenedy Connelly
Analisa Fenlaw
Ashleigh Irvine
Parker Sackewitz
Isabelle Siebeneck
Millie Wilkinson
Abbey Hardy
Stephanie Triptow
Brooklyn Crosby

Stage Tech
Kirby Balding
Sydnie Evans
Avery Webster
Caroline Wolf
Ashleigh Irvine
Isabelle Siebenck
Madyson Watson
Sadie Delahunty
Gracie Awerkamp
Drake Brady
Gracie Awerkamp
Enya Westergard
Emma Egbert
Erika Woods
Lucas Jessop

Drama Club 2018-2019 Parent Permission Form

Blogger is not allowing me to upload this as a document without deleting the entry.  Therefore, you can download it off of facebook OR copy and paste below into a word document and print.  Thanks!  - Miss Struiksma 

Drama Club/Theatre Council 2018-2019
Parent Permission Form

I hereby give my student ____________________________ permission to be a part of Alta Theatre Department’s Drama Club Presidency/Theatre Council for the 2018-2019 school year.  I understand that my student will be asked to help with 3-4 events outside of school per month including, but not limited to: Drama Club Activities, auditions/workshops, spirit nights, Back-to-School Night, Club Rush, club planning meetings, etc.  Students will also be required to attend a short retreat seminar over in August 2018 and come in on two days before school begins to help with last minute classroom/club needs and Hawk Fight School.  I understand that the below expectations are to be met by my student:

·        - Student must have an accumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher
o   (they risk being removed if this becomes an issue)

·       - Student must have 3 recommendations from Alta teachers – at least two must be from core subjects (already given to me by your student’s teachers)

·       - Student must be enrolled in a theatre class for the 2018-2019 school year

·       - Student must have a 3.5 or higher in his/her theatre classes

·       - Students must fill out all of the necessary forms/questions in the packet in detail

·       - Students must be willing to put in extra hours outside of school hours next year and this upcoming summer

·        - Students will be either a Junior or Senior during the 2018-2019, for the majority of positions.  There will also be a spot for a sophomore representative. 

I will support my student through the year in their duties for Drama Club and by doing so, support the Alta Theatre Department. 

Printed Name:__________________________________________



Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 Student-Directed One-Act Cast List!

Congrats to the following actors and directors! Thank you to all those who tried out - we wish we could have cast everyone. Don’t stop trying out and know we love you all and know you are all so talented!!! Great, great job! If you were cast, meet in theater room at 2:30pm SHARP on April 12th to meet with your directors and get your scripts/calanders! Congratulations again!!!

DIRECOTR: Lyndsey Nelson The Couch by Hayden Phillips

Harry- Dylan Thomas
Claire- Brooklyn Crosby
Eric- Parker Sachawitz
Jane- Addison Horcocks

DIRECTOR: Hai Mumm A Ring In The Grass by Lyndsey Nelson

Thomas- Jordan Allred
Amelia- Sophie Brown

DIRECTOR: Jaren Sierer The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney

Antigone- Gwyn Fowler
Ismene- Gracie Awerkamp
King Creon- Sara Riches
Chorus 1- Isabelle Siebeneck
Chorus 2- Caleb Christensen
Guard- Tyler Frampton

DIRECTOR: Addie Wray Symphony by Addie Wray 

Kathryn- Sara Holbrook
James- Lucas Olsen

DIRECTORS: McKenna Armstrong & Zoe Bradley Will by Lila Louise Nawrocki

8- Maya Williams
11- Alice Scott
16- Kate Davis
21- Sophie Jefferson
30- Bre Howlett
50- Sydney Trauba
Sarah- Aurie Ackerman

DIRECTORS:Heather Bodine & Rachael McHenry Check Please by Jonathan Rand

Guy- Dylan Schreiber
Girl- Stephanie Triptow
Guy Dates- Abram Berry
Girl Dates- Lauren McHenry