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Friday, January 12, 2018

2017-2018 Region & State Team!

 2017-2018 REGION & STATE TEAM

Thank you to all who auditioned for this year’s Region & State Team!  We greatly appreciate your preparation and hard-work gearing up for auditions, and commend you for your incredible auditions.  If your name is listed below, there will be a twenty-minute MANDATORY meeting for the ENTIRE team on Wednesday, January 17th from 2:35-2:55pm.  Thank you and have a fabulous, restful long-weekend so you can come back and give it all you’ve got! :) 

Musical Theatre

Addie Wray
Christian Affleck
McKenna Armstrong
Sara Holbrook and Abby Coleman

Pantomime (Pieces to be determined/created by teams!)

Addison Horrocks and Kate Davis
Carson Spencer and Dylan Thomas
Kate Bushnell and Kate Schadewald
Sara Riches and Savana Seal

Dramatic Monologues (Pieces TBD)

Aurie Ackerman
Hayden Phillips
Kenedy Connelly
Millie Wilkinson

Humorous Monologues (Pieces TBD)

Bree Howlett
Heather Bodine
Jordan Allred
Sydney Trauba

Classical Scenes

Alisha Yockey and Jaycee Chenoweth
Isabelle Siebeneck and Stephanie Triptow
Lyndsey Nelson and Gwyn Fowler
Rachael McHenry and Lindsey Brown

Contemporary Scenes

Brooklyn Crosby and Emma Apsley
Gracie Awerkamp and Abbey Hardy
Jaren Sierer and Hailee Mumm
Zoe Bradey, Sophie Brown, and Kirby Balding

Everyone who auditioned is more than welcome to see Mrs. Barker or Miss Struiksma for feedback for your next audition!