Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wizard of Oz Calendar and Music Links

Below are the calendars for each month for rehearsals!  Also, at the bottom is the link to all the music so you can practice!  Let's do this! :)

Click on the listen to the music from Wizard of Oz and practice! Munchkinland was too long, so was therefore cut in half and added at the bottom of the list. All music (aside from the Overtures) is present on this link! -->

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shakespeare Team Individual Events!

HOLY COW!!!! YOU WERE ALL SO AMAZING!  This was very difficult and the votes were very close.  I hope you are all proud of the progress you've made and that you're excited to perform your fantastic pieces at Night of Shakespeare on the 27th.

I will be spending a little bit of time with each of you during rehearsal tomorrow to go over your pieces and performances.  I'm excited to talk about all the progress you've been making!

2017 Shakespeare Competition Individual Events:


Heather Bodine
Sophie Brown
Hayden Phillips


Kenna Armstrong and Sara Holbrook
Gracie Awerkamp and Addison Horrocks

Congratulations all on a job well done!  See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wizard of Oz Cast List!

Thank you so much to all who came out to audition for “The Wizard of Oz!”  We had SO much amazing talent this year!  Below is the final cast list.  If your name is on the list, you will need to meet in the theatre room on Monday, September 11th promptly at 2:45pm for our first cast meeting and rehearsal.  Additionally, a parent WILL be required to be present at our parent meeting at 6:30pm on that Wednesday evening, September 13th.  Congratulations to all who auditioned! 

Assistant Director 

Isabelle Siebeneck 

Dorothy Gale

Addie Wray

Auntie Em/Glinda

Sydney Pexton 

Uncle Henry/Gatekeeper

Parker Sackewitz 


McKenna Armstong 


Nate Brown 


Christian Affleck 

Miss Almira Gultch/The Wicked Witch of the West

Heather Bodine

Professor Chester Marvel/The Wizard of Oz

Jordan Allred 

Mayor of Munchkinland

Jaren Sierer

Coroner or Munchkinland

Abbey Coleman

Munchkinland Barrister

Emma Apsley 


Gracie Awerkamp
Rachael McHenry
Anna Johnson
Addison Horrocks
Brooklyn Crosby 
Savanna Seal


Sophie Brown
Natalie Hood
Kenedy Connolly 
Zoe Bradley
Sara Holbrook
Sadi Christensen 

*The Mayor, Coroner, Barrister, Crows and Trees will also be Ozians and in some other dance/singing sequences! 

Ensemble - Munchkinlanders and Ozians 

(special parts in SINGING, DANCE, and SPOKEN LINES to be assigned!)

Aurie Ackermann
Hunter Allan
Ellie Anderson
Chloe Barrus
Abram Berry
Olivia Bradley
Lindsey Brown
Savannah Brown
Ammon Call
Hannah Call
Jaycee Chenoweth
Caleb Christensen
Kate Davis
Katie Drennen
Hannah Duncan
Emma  Egbert
Giselle Enriquez
Analisa Fenlaw
Gwen Fowler
Erin Fuller
Hunter Hapatrai
Abbey Hardy
Gerolynn Hargrove
Hannah Henderson
Zoe Hohenshelt
Breanna Howlett
Madi Hunter
Ashleigh Irvine
Sophia Jefferson
Jenalyn Jenkins
Alysha Knaphus
Alyssa Larsen
Ivie Malcom
Lauren McHenry
Paige Michaels
Darian Mohler
Hai Mumm
Lindsey Nelson
Chasten Olsen
Dylan Olsen
Lucas Olsen
Lindsey Pexton
Alex Rees
Sara Riches
Abbie Ricord
Dylan Schrader
Alice Scott
Saysia Taylor
Dylan Thomas
Sydney  Trauma
Zane Valentine
Tori Van Otten
Ashton Vriens
Maya Williams
Wesley Wilson

Sidenote:  I apologize if some names are spelled incorrectly- there was some issues transferring things from excel to word to here... thanks for the understanding! :) 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wizard of Oz Callback List!


Thanks to all who came out to auditions for this year's musical, "The Wizard of Oz!"  We had SO many incredible auditions and can not wait to get into rehearsals with the full cast.  Below is the callback list.

Those who are asked to come for a callback should meet in the choir room immediately after school to receive some cold-read scenes to look through.  Callbacks will then begin promptly at 2:50pm on Friday, September 8th, 2017.  Listed below are those who will read/sing at callbacks!  You may want to listen to and become familarized with songs from the show - be prepared to read for any and all parts. 

Best of luck to all who are called back and remember, if you're not on the callback list it DOES NOT mean you don't have a part.  Break a Leg!!!


Christian Affleck
Jordan Allread
Emma Apsley
Kenna Armstrong
Heather Bodine
Nate Brown
Abbey Coleman
Kenedy Connelly
Natalie Hood
Addison Horrocks
Anna Johnson
Sydney Pexton
Parker Sackewitz
Addie Wray