Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Alta Shakespeare Team 2017

Ensemble Scene "BE":


*Isabelle Siebeneck

Ensemble (Inner Demons):

*Abby Hardy
*Addison Horrocks
*Aurie Ackermann
*Emma Apsley
*Gracie Awerkamp
*Gwyn Fowler
*Hayden Phillips
*Heather Bodine
*Jackson Rasmussen
*Jaycee Chenoweth
*Jordan Allred
*Kate Davis
*Kirby Balding
*Lindsey Brown
*Lyndsey Kay Nelson
*Maya Williams
*McKenna Armstrong
*Sara Holbrook
*Sara Riches
*Sophie Brown
*Stephanie Triptow
*Sydney Trauba
*Treva Taylor



*Emma Apsley
*Hayden Phillips
*Heather Bodine
*Isabelle Siebeneck
*Sophie Brown
*Stephanie Triptow


*McKenna Armstrong and Sara Holbrook
*Lyndsey Kay Nelson and Kate Davis
*Kirby Balding and Gwyn Fowler
*Addison Horrocks and Gracie Awkerkamp
*Jordan Allred and Abby Hardy

First rehearsal is tomorrow (Wednesday August 30th) at 2:45 in the theatre room!!!!  See you there!

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO AUDITIONED!!!! I was so impressed with all your hard work.  Please keep auditioning!  Try-outs for The Wizard of Oz are next week and we hope to see you there!