Monday, December 18, 2017

Macbeth Callback List

Here is the callback list for Macbeth:

Macbeth/L Macbeth:
Stephanie Triptow
Isabelle Siebeneck
Jordan Allred
Hayden Phillips
Emma Apsley
Sara Holbrook

Hayden Phillips
Jordan Allred
Nate Brown

Abbey Hardy
Sophie Brown
Lyndsey Nelson
Sara Riches
Lauren McHenry
Sydney Trauba

I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:30 am!  Callbacks will begin promptly at 7:45!!!!!  Please look at the sides (scripts) in the blog post before this so that you can be prepared to read at the callback.   

I would encourage everyone called back to look at the Macduff slide.  A lot of you will be asked to read for Ross and Malcolm. 

REMEMBER:  just because you were not called back, does not mean you will not be cast.  Please check the blog again on Tuesday at 5:00 pm to see the final cast list.