Monday, April 24, 2017

Performance Based Classes 2017-2018

Congrats to all who auditioned and/or applied for our performance-based classes this year!  Here is a list of Theatre 3, Theatre 4, and Stage Tech for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you would like to discuss anything with Miss Struiksma about this list, please do so before May 1st.  Thank you! :) 

Theatre 3
Gracie Awerkamp
David Olsen
Annalisa Fenlaw
Abbey Hardy
Liz Harrison 
Bree Howlett
Ashleigh Irvine 
Tairiq Lupeamanu
Rachael McHenry
Thomas Mcnulty 
Josh Mickelson 
Calli Robinson
Millie Wilkinson 
Jordan Allred
Emma Aspley
Lindsey Brown
Max Carter
Jaycee Chenoweth 
Sadi Christensen 
Kenedy Connelly
Brooklyn Crosby
Jenalyn Jenkins
Eli Nielsen
Ali Norris
Sydney Robinson
Parker Sackewitz
Isabelle Siebeneck 
Ashley Tomlinson
Turasi Williams 

Theatre 4
McKenna Armstrong 
Chandler Beers
Heather Bodine
Zoe Bradley
Noah Brock
Annie Cox
Eliza Hale
Hannah Henderson
Madi Lewis
Hailee Mumm
Lyndsey Nelson
Hayden Phillips
Anna Roller
Jaren Sierer
Addie Wray 

Stage Technology 2017-2018
Isabelle Siebeneck
Maddie Harris
Avery Webster
Emma Young
Madyson Watson
MaKenzie Watson
Sadie Delahunty
Caroline Wolf
Hayden Phillips
Hailee Mumm
Kirby Balding
Sydney Robinson
Kylyn Reilly
Suzanne Clark
Gwendolyn Thompson