Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Student-Directed One-Acts 2017 Cast List

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to audition for the student-directed one-acts for Spring 2017! We had such great talent and dedication - I hope you all continue to audition in the future! To all who are in the final casts, please know there IS a meeting for ALL cast members of ALL casts on Friday, April 14th from 2:30-2:45pm in the Theatre Room. Please be present and prompt. Below are the final casts and directors - specific parts and calendars will be distributed at that Friday afternoon meeting. Thank you!

Alfonso - directed by Jezory Munoz and Taylor Schwendiman 
Ashleigh Irvine
Aurie Ackerman
Hailee Mumm
Nate Roberson
Sophie Brown
Kristen Fairbourn

Bloody Mary – Kylan Goodwin
Addie Wray
Ashley Tomlinson
Kirby Balding
Rachel McHenry

Cindy and Julie - directed by Bryce Jack 
Alice Scott
Brooklyn Crosby
Kate Davis

Half a Stick of Gum - directed by Connor O' Hagan and Michaelann Acord
Connor O’ Hagan
Emma Aspley
Gwynn Fowler
Jordan Allred

I Never Saw Another Butterfly - directed by Cassie White 
Abram Berry
Hannah Stark
Isabelle Siebeneck
Jaren Sierer
Kenna Armstrong
Lauren McHenry
Olivia Bradley

Turning the Head - directed by Cheyenne Uhler and Emma Smith 
Gracie Awerkamp
Lyndsey Nelson
Josh Mickelson
Sydney Trauba

Zoey Bradley